Who's Ready for Winter Craft Ideas of the Next Generation?!

Great! Then you're gonna love the winter crafts I have in store for my fellow Geeks and nerds. 

What would inspire winter craft ideas in the next 100 years? With technology growing exponentially, It wouldn't be surprising if handmade craftiness took on a whole different level. We'll begin our journey with a few speculations and some fun designs for this year's craft with Project Winter. 

Project Winter Ideas

Project Winter is all about snow and arctic ice. Whites and blues. You'll find circuit art pencil holders, crystal trees and tetrahedron boxes to try out. Definitely out of the ordinary and crazy fun to make and show off! 

The True Nature of Snow Flakes

A variety of snow flake formation

Looking at winter snow from another perspective other than it being white is it’s geometric in nature. There is always six sides and almost always begins as a hexagon. It’s six sidedness inspired m,any of the designs for project winter. 

Page is still under construction. More winter crafts on the way in late November :)