Shimmering Metallic Paint Idea 

You can use this shimmering metallic paint idea on a bunch of projects! What really caught my attention with this craft paint is the way the paint exploits the brush strokes on paper. You even get a different effect on black paper. More shimmer Yay!

Where did I find this awesome Metallic Paint?

I stumbled upon Viva Decor Maya Gold paint while on a quest to find some decent metallic craft paint. I bought it, tried it and what happened?  Bought more colors! ^_^ This craft paint is the closest I could get to a metallic blue so far without using spray paint.  You can get the blue one here.   

And trust me, if I find something more metallic looking, I'll let you know!

 Let's Paint Diagonal!

  • 1 sheet of card stock paper
  • 1” wide paint brush
  • Small container
  • Maya Gold blue paint
  • Craft sheet 12 x 12 or larger
  • Small spray bottle with water
  • Paper towels

Step 1:  place sheet of card stock paper on the craft mat and get your paint, brush and small container ready. I used a this little soy container I grabbed at a sushi place.

Step 2: Take a glob of paint using the paint brush. You can add some drops of water from the small cup of water of using a spray bottle spritz the paint 3 or 4 times then mix well.

Step 3:  Starting from the center of the paper, take long brush strokes brushing over the strokes one or twice to smooth out the likes just a bit as you go along. 

In case your wondering, this metallic paint idea looks killer on black paper!

Step 4:  Wipe the craft mat as soon as your done painting so that it doesn't dry on the mat. If it does get dry before you get a chance to wipe it, you can use nail polish remover. It always does the trick for me.

Experimenting with Metallic Paint

As I usually do, I wanted to see how many ways I could apply this paint. While experimenting I painted the diagonal strokes first full strength (left) as it comes in the bottle on one sheet of cardstock then painted another sheet diluted with water (right).

At full strength, the color is rich and the paint has a leathery feel. almost feels as if the paint gave the cardstock more strength and it feels nice to the touch.  At diluted strength, the paint is softer and the mica powder in the paint (the shimmer) shows more.

Here are some other experiments and side by sides:

Straight out the bottleStraight Out of the Bottle
Diluted with waterDiluted with a few Spritz of Water

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