Circuit Art so Awesome it Almost Looks Edible!

Circuit art has gotta be one of my fave designs out there at least I think. Why not put them on a pencil cup holder! As part of the winter theme a hexagon container was the way to go with white as the color scheme of Project Winter. I had a friend say the pencil holder looked edible because it looked like white chocolate with brown chocolate circuits. Mmmmm Yum, didn't see it like that before! 

Make Your Hexi Box Before Circuit Art? 

When I made this project, I didn't realize at the time that finding the same dimensions for the container was going to be a challenge. To make it easier, I decided to show you how to make your own Hexagon Container 4" tall with 1.5" sides which is the size of the one I had bought. After you have fun making your Pencil cup holder, come on back this way for the circuits. ^_^

  • Printer
  • Print-out of circuit template
  • 1 can white spray paint
  • 1 sheet of card stock paper
  • Viva Decor Cocoa brown paint
  • Hexagonal container
  • 3/4 inch hole Puncher
  • Mod Podge glue
  • 1 inch wide paint brush
  • Thin paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels

Step 1.  Print circuit template here. Paint card-stock paper with the cocoa colored metallic paint and set aside. Click here for quick instructions.  

Step 2.  Spray paint hexagonal container. This should be done outside in open air since its not a good idea to inhale spray paint. That stuff will make you dizzy.

Step 3.  Lay container on its side. Holding the spray can 6 inches away, spray three sides from top to bottom in a sweeping motion then let dry for 10 minutes between each coat. Its gonna take about 4 or 5 coats if the box is just cardboard colored. Turn the container around to the non-coated sides and repeat. (If you need to make a Hexagonal container, no worries here is one you can make.)

Step 4.  Lets cut out circuits. Take the circuit print-out and place on the back side of the painted sheet of paper. Pin them together with paper clips. Then cut the sheet in half. 

Step 5.  With a 3/4 hole Punch, punch 9 circles using what remains of the sheet where you cut the circuit stems.

Step 6. Time to break out the Mod Podge glue. Using the thin paint brush, apply glue to the circuit stems and paste on to the container. The the glue allows you to adjust the stems accordingly.

6a. Apply glue to the circles as well and paste at the ends of the circuit stems. Press the circles down and hold for a few seconds so that they stick well to the container. Do about 2 stems per side. Keep doing this until you are done with all the pieces.

Now you have circuit art for a pencil cup holder!!