A Black Envelope with Innovative Style

A black envelope with a sexy futuristic appeal. It's the envelope of choice to give to the elite in your life. 

The Story:

In a futuristic world where the internet is a playground for hackers, your information is no longer safe. So a new innovation comes along to take care of business. Meet the Ret-Scan Black Lens  Elite 1.0 issue.

This one would work much like the Ret-Scan blue Lens Envo 1.0 except scanning the wrong pattern once is all it takes for this envelope to corrupt the data of the letter inside. If you really don't want someone to know the content of this good lookin envelope, this is the one to use.

Let's Make a Sexy Black Envelope

What you are going to need:

  • 8x8 piece of silver contact paper
  • 1 Sheet of black card stock paper
  • 5/16 hole puncher (can be a bit bigger)
  • ½ hole puncher
  • Double stick tape
  • Circle cutter
  • Ruler

Step 1:  Place black sheet of paper on a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard. Place and center circle cutter atop the black paper. 

Step 2:  Place Blade shuttle in the 6" slot and rotate full circle making sure you are pressing down on the cutter to prevent the paper from moving.

Step 3:  Place piece of silver contact paper silver down on craft mat or cardboard then the cutter. Place the blade first on 5 5/8" slot and rotate full circle. Without moving (keeping pressure on the cutter) place the blade on 6" and rotate. 

Step 4:  Carefully place the ring over the black circle.

Step 5:  Turn the black circle around and carefully center and place the circle contact paper on the black circle.

Step 6:  Fold left and right side of the circle as even as you can. each flap should be very close to 1 1/2".

Step 7:  Fold up bottom half of the envelope 2" worth.

Step 8:  Cut out two small squares of double stick tape and place on top and edges of the bottom flap. 

Step 9:  Fold up and press down firmly.

Step 10:  Fold down the top of the envelope.

Lets make a Lens

Step 1:  Cut out a circle 1 1/4" diameter.

Step 2:  Place blade on 1" slot and rotate full circle. Then place blade on 1 1/4" and rotate.

Step 3:  Place the silver ring over the black circle carefully. 

Step 4:  Cut out a small piece of black paper and contact paper and stick them together.

Step 5:  Take the 5/16" Hole puncher or what ever size bigger than that and punch a hole.

Note: Sticking the two pieces of paper together made it easier for me to punch the hole out. 

Step 6:  Punch out a piece of double stick tape with the same hole puncher you used in step 5, peel stick to the small silver circle then attach to the lens.

Step 7:  Punch out a 1/2" circle of double tape, peel and stick to back of lens.

Step 8:  Now attach to the left of the top flap of your hand made envelope.

Step 9:  End of steps :)

Now Try this Blue Lens Black Envelope!