Looking for Nextgen Craft Ideas with a Futuristic Twist?

The next generation of craft ideas are right here. If you’re looking for out of the ordinary or totally strange projects whether to give as a gift to your fave geek or for your own personal pleasure, then you have entered the right portal. 

All the projects on this site are inspired by modern and futuristic concepts and ideas from DNA art to Cryogenic canisters (not a real one though ;).  These aren't your ordinary present day craft projects. 

Materials and Techniques

Many of the ideas here still use traditional craft material like paper craft or bead craft techniques, colorful wire or resin.  But there are some materials that I’ve found that are totally nextGen no question. Better to get with the times and make the future a reality with new ideas and materials to make real cool stuff. for example, something I'd like to try and share real soon is  (Deep god voice)  Electroluminescence. 

Poke around and have some fun either crafting your very own Zero gravity box (disclaimer, box still obeys laws of gravity ;) or diving into a craft project that will keep you busy or even just finding out where in the Multiverse are these ideas inspired from!? There is always something new to do and learn.

Whether you’re part of the nerd squad or not and/or you love trying new things or just plainly need new craft ideas, you are still in the right place.